Quinte Construction
About Us

Making people's dreams come true since 1999. Quinte Construction is your number 1 choice for renovations and new home construction. With multiple professional crews we specialize in residential and commercial projects. Experienced in all aspects of the construction industry Quinte Construction is ready to hear about your building or re-building project. Farms have a unique place in our hearts, we know better than anybody how a farm project can be different and we understand your requirements.


When you are looking for a contractor it is important to find someone connected and committed to the community and we are that company.


About the Owner


Rob Reid is a family man who serves his community well. While running the day to day operations of a construction contracting company Rob still holds close his responsibilities to all those around him. For example, although the bulk of construction these days is city and town located Rob still maintains a close connection to the farming community and even used the family farm as the Quinte Construction's base. Rob's great Uncle started Reid's Riverside Dairy and his family raised the horses for all the delivery wagons of yesteryear. Today the family farm is still home to the beautiful Pertrand Horses. You can talk to Rob and if you are in need of contracting services, please... we urge you to make that call now. you will find him easy to talk to and totally understanding of your project plan.





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